Asuka Noda Music at your home

~Let my music reach you~.

  • date_range 09.19 (Sat) 12:00 ⇨ 09.22 (Tue)
  • label野田あすか

Asuka Noda, a pianist who has tones rated so highly that some TV programs featured her, is going to hold an online concert “Music at your home ~Let my music reach you~.”
Her strong wish to express her gratitude to funs who support her even in this COVID-19 pandemic determined this concert to happen.

~A message from Asuka Noda ~
I am Asuka Noda, a pianist. I live in Miyazaki, the south area in Japan now.
I work actively towards my goal to play assuring music. I have been really looking forward to playing music in front of you, but it is impossible now.
I got confused a lot because this is my first online recital. However, I performed sincerely for you who would listen to my recital through the screens.
Some people have gotten worried about COVID-19 and stressed. Another has been ought to refrain from going outside due to some reasons before this disaster happened.
I wish my music could heal as many people as possible.

[Available Dates of Streaming]
12:00 at September 19 (Sat), 2020 ~ 23:59 at September 22 (Tue)

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