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FLOW Chokaigi 2020 -Anime Shibari returns-

A livestream commemorating the release of DVD/Blu-ray, LIVE 「Anime Shibari ONLINE」!

  • date_range 08.07 (Fri) 20:00 ⇨ 08.08 (Sat) / 配信日時 STREAMING DATE:8月7日 20:00 - 22:00
  • grade Anime

Announcing an online concert commemorating “FLOW Chokaigi 2020 -Anime Shibari Returns-“ on DVD and Blu-ray -”ANIME SHIBARI ONLINE”
From Ebisu Liquid Room, the 5 members of flow will perform on stage for the first time in 6 months!
A different performance from the 2020 February concert, we will be selling tickets to anyone around the world!
FLOW fans and anime fans won’t want to miss FLOW’s first solo live concert in over 6 months!
And! After the concert, there will be an online after party!
[FLOW Cheers Hour] will be held!
Using the online app ZOOM webinar, the members will let out their feelings after the show!
(The after party tickets are sold separately)
After the concert, let’s have fun and share an experience with FLOW! Cheers!

■Registration with the platform ZAIKO is necessary to buy an e-ticket and view the live streaming video.
■The livestream URL can only be viewed with the ZAIKO account the e-ticket was purchased from.
■Even if the URL is shared, it can only be viewed from the purchaser’s ZAIKO account.
■Before purchasing a ticket, please read the terms carefully and check that the internet connection is suitable for watching live broadcasts.
■After purchasing, the ticket cannot be refunded or changed for reasons other than the cancelation or postponement of the performance.
■The viewing page must be opened or reloaded 5 minutes before the performance in order to view.
■If arriving mid-performance, you cannot rewind or review the live performance. Once finished, the performance can be viewed again through the archive.
■There is possibility of video and audio being disturbed or interrupted in case of internet or system troubles.
■The organizer will not be responsible of any problems caused by the purchaser’s internet or viewing environment.
■The ticket purchaser is responsible for internet or data charges.
■Due to large amount of data, using Wi-Fi is recommended.
■The performance is a charged event. Screen recording/ shooting with a camera or smartphone is strictly prohibited. If you redistribute or share footage on videos sites, you may be legally liable.
■After the live stream is finished, the performance will be archived for ticketholders until 2020/8/8 22:00(Japan Time).

【Recommendations for viewing】
[Smartphone or Tablet]
iOS 11.0 or higher(Safari latest version)
Android OS 5.0 or higher (Google Chrome latest version)
Windows 10 or higher/ MacOS 10.9 or higher (Latest version of Google Chrome、Safari、MS Edge、Firefox is required.)
Please ensure that you meet the requirements before purchasing.
Make sure that your device and software are not defective or damaged.
We cannot provide full support outside of the recommended viewing environment.

【Recommendations for Internet Connection】
A fast and stable internet connection is required to watch the video.
Please check your internet/service stability beforehand.
In the case of using shared Wi-Fi, turn off unused services and do not put anything that interferes with the router or causes damage.
For best signal, avoid crowded places or concrete surroundings.
For optimal results, please confirm the above points before using this service.
Our distributor and company will not be liable for any viewing problems caused by the customer.
◇For latest information, please check ZAIKO’s website for important points, recommended viewing environment, and internet connection.