FLOW SPECIAL ONLINE LIVE 全アルバム網羅 炎の12ヶ月vol.9 「26 a Go Go!!!」

  • date_range 05.26 (Wed) 20:00 ⇨ 05.27 (Thu) / 配信日時 STREAMING DATE: 05.26 (水) 20:00 - 21:30
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FLOW SPECIAL ONLINE LIVE (All Album Comprehensive) Flame of 12 Months is happening now!!!
From 2020/9/26 to 2021/7/26, every month on the 26th FLOW will have an online concert based on each of their original albums!!!!
Each month, the album and artwork will inspire the location and concept, for unique special performances all year round!
I wonder what the last one on 8/26 will bring??

Vol.9 「26 A Go Go!!!」

Early Bird Sale Date:4/26 10:00~5/20 23:59(JST)
・Streaming Concert (Early Bird Discount) 2860yen(tax included)
・Streaming Concert + Online After Party (Early Bird Discount) 3520yen(tax included)

■The livestream re-watch is viewable for 24 hours after the stream until 5/27 (Thursday) Japan Standard Time.
■The link for the Online After Party will be sent in an email separately from the ticket, 24 hours before the online concert.
■The Official Online After Party will be hosted on the free online meeting application Zoom. Please make sure you have the application downloaded/installed beforehand.
■The Official Online After Party will not be viewable afterwards. Please ensure that you can watch in real time before purchasing an After Party bundle ticket.

≪About the streaming concert and purchasing tickets≫
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■After purchasing, the ticket cannot be refunded or changed for reasons other than the cancelation or postponement of the performance.
■The viewing page must be opened or reloaded 5 minutes before the performance in order to view.
■If arriving mid-performance, you cannot rewind or review the live performance. Once finished, the performance can be viewed again through the archive.
■There is a possibility of video and audio being disturbed or interrupted in case of internet or system troubles.
■The organizer will not be responsible for any problems caused by the purchaser’s internet or viewing environment.
■The ticket purchaser is responsible for internet or data charges.
■Due to the large amount of data, using Wi-Fi is recommended.
■The performance is a charged event. Screen recording/ shooting with a camera or smartphone is strictly prohibited. If you redistribute or share footage on video sites, you may be legally liable.
■After the live stream is finished, the performance will be archived for ticket holders until 2020/10/27 21:30(Japan Time).
■The archived performance may be viewed multiple times.

≪About the Official Online After Party≫
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■You must comply with the staff’s instructions during the event. If you do not comply, you may be forced to leave the event.
■If you leave the event early, you may not be able to re-enter.
■Participants faces or cameras will generally not be shown on the screen.
■Some portion of participants' names may be viewable to others.
■There is a possibility of internet trouble leading to poor video or audio quality. This may lead to the stream shutting down.
■There is a possibility of the event being delayed for unforeseen events.
■In case of trouble on the ticketholder’s side, the ticket holder must take responsibility.
■Please refrain from recording, screen recording, screen sharing, or screenshotting.
■Refunds are not available in any case.
■Please check your viewing environment before the stream.
■Sharing the URL with others is strictly prohibited.

【About Installation of the free service “Zoom”】
▼For PC please install “Zoom for client meeting”
【 「Zoom」about viewing environment】
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